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Microcredits from Women for Women

GOLDRAUSCH e.V. was founded in Berlin in 1982 by a group of committed feminists. Its objective is to assist business women set up and invest in their own businesses through the provision of interest-free loans. It also awards grants for activities which are relevant to women’s rights. Since its founding GOLDRAUSCH has distributed approximately €850 000 to more than 450 business women and projects in Berlin. These loans and grants were completely funded from the contributions and donations of its members.

GOLDRAUSCH as a non-profit organisation is also responsible for the following two projects - GOLDRAUSCH Kontour and GOLDRAUSCH art IT:

Based on regional and national employment programs, the GOLDRAUSCH Kontour curriculum expansion project in institutions providing professional training and further education develops educational and professional training options for women, making it possible for them to move into new professional areas and to improve their chances on the employment market. Kontour is financed by the Berlin Senate’s Department for the Economy/Technology/Women.

The second project is the GOLDRAUSCH art IT project for women artists. This is a professional training programme for women who earn their living as fine artists: during 11-month courses which take place each year, participants acquire know-how which permits them to develop and safeguard their businesses. At the end of each course an exhibition is organised to showcase the current work of the participating artists. This project is financed by the Senate’s Department for Economy/Technology/Women and the European Social Fund (ESF).

For more information: www.goldrausch-kuenstlerinnen.de

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